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Bark Busters of NORTHERN NEW JERSEY Helps You & Your Pet Enjoy ‘National Walking Your Dog Day’

February 22, 2019 is recognized as ‘National Walking Your Dog Day’. While walking your dog should be practiced on a regular, daily basis, National Walk Your Dog Day provides an opportunity to stress the many physical, emotional, behavioral and health benefits of getting out to exercise with your best four-legged friend.

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The benefits of walking your dog are numerous and include providing your dog with exercise, which can help decrease your dog’s chances of becoming overweight, reduce boredom and destructive behavior, diminish stress and anxiety and help you bond with your pet. Unfortunately many people avoid walking their dog because it becomes a chore rather than time they can enjoy together. At Bark Busters Home Dog Training of Northern New Jersey, many dog owners tell us that walking their dogs becomes a battle of wills, and they lose control of their dogs either with pulling, barking, or simply lacking focus – distracted by every bird, squirrel and leaf blowing in the wind! Dog owners would like to get out and about more but say they don’t enjoy what’s supposed to be a positive experience because of their uncontrollable dogs.
Bark Busters of Northern New Jersey can help you teach your dog to walk under control, focused, on a loose leash beside so that you can enjoy your walks together, and also provides these tips to consider when walking your dog:
* Walking in a group or with a friend and their dog can provide more fun and safety for you and your pet rather than walking alone.
* If you encounter an unsupervised, intimidating dog, keep walking, don’t stop. You might be crossing through his territory.
* Always walk your dog on a comfortable, fixed length leash that is soft on the hands – consider a 6 foot, cotton leash.
* Wear comfortable shoes that will be safer for walking.
* Aim for quality of walk not quantity. Short walks in a safe environment often are a good way to start out and will provide an opportunity to educate your dog and accustom it to walking correctly.
* Always be prepared to pick up after your dog, and carry fresh water to keep your dog hydrated.
* If your dog is unfriendly around people or other dogs, keep a safe distance and seek professional help & training for your dog.
* If your dog should get into a fight during a walk, never jump in to ‘rescue’ your pet. Stay at the end of the leash and out of the fight to avoid being bitten. Water can be effective to diffuse a fight.
* Always check with the owners of other dogs before allowing your dog to approach.
* Be aware of the condition of pavement – which can have ice or irritating salt in the Winter months, or be hot in the Summer. Your dog has sensitive foot pads which aren’t protected by shoes like yours!

Whether during National Walking Your Dog Day or any day of the year, take advantage of the many benefits that walking your dog provides. At the very least, your dog will appreciate you more for getting him out of the house and spending time with his ‘best friend’.

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